The Body of Christ
The Body of Christ expresses who we are as members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. In the proclamation of God’s Word and in the sharing of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, God’s grace is given to us as pure gift. As the Body of Christ, we are empowered for ministry and invited to respond to God’s call to live as disciples of Jesus Christ serving the world with all we say and do.

About Lutheranism
As Lutherans, we accept the Bible as the true source of Christian love, guidance and doctrine. We accept the ancient creeds of the church-Apostle’s, Nicene and Athanasian. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The Good Shepherd Congregation is part of a larger ecumenical church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). For more information about Lutheranism, check out the ELCA web site.

Our Facility
Good Shepherd is located in the West Point area in Greensburg and is surrounded by a neighborhood atmosphere. Our building was constructed in the late 1950’s and has served as a place for worship, education, children and youth ministry, and as a mission outpost for various other organizations in our community. Please see the “Calendar” page for information about activities that will be taking place at the church.

We welcome visitors to all church functions!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is:
“We are a caring family of God nourished by the Word, guided by the Holy Spirit to share the love of Jesus Christ.”


To fulfill our purpose, we make our commitment to our ever-present God in work and action by:

– through prayer, thanksgiving, and administration of the sacraments to experience the everliving God;

– through our educational ministry that will pass on the faith to our children, provide opportunities to explore the implication of the faith, and nurture a lively interest in the Scriptures and doctrines of the Church;

– through our voices, lives, fellowship, and gifts in unity with all Christians to reach out with the good news to all people;

– through loving care and concern for all others, to serve as a force in the community by providing a central location for community activities, to provide for those in need, to foster justice for all, and to preserve the splendor of God’s universe;

– through responsible use of human and material resources to support ministry in our community, our Synod and our world, and to encourage fellowship and communication within Good Shepherd Church and other Christian congregations.

To strive to fulfill this mission, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church will establish these specific goals to be adopted by Church Council annually and reflected in the congregational budget.

Community Spotlight

2023 Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday April 1st, 2023

9:30 – 11:30 AM

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

501 Fairfield Drive, Greensburg

Registration Closed

Pre/K – 5th Grade