Handyman Ministry

Contact person(s): Bill Ambrose, Jack Rutter, George Billig
Handyman Ministry does odd jobs for members i.e., maintenance, things needing repaired around the home.


HandyMan Request Form


Mutual Ministry

Contact person: Melanie Wood
Mutual Ministry serves as a liaison between the pastor, staff and congregation promoting open and trusted communication through listening, sharing and responding to create a healthy congregation.

Social Ministry and Mission

Contact person(s): Pastor Frank Podolinski – Social Ministry, Jack Rutter -Mission
Social Ministry helps with church and community social ministry activity.
Mission coordinates local and National mission trips. For mission trips, simply put, helping others in need. Provide assistance for families or individuals who need help at their place of residence, including raking leaves, cleaning gutters, etc. Past trips have included traveling to Mississippi, Louisiana, to rebuild homes, along with trips to West Virginia and in our local neighborhoods.

Eucharistic Ministry

Contact person: Pastor Frank Podolinski
Eucharistic Ministry provides visiting and care-giving capacities. Eucharistic Ministers visit members who are unable to attend church and take them Holy Communion. They can also deliver audio/video/bulletins to homebound and nursing home residents.

Stephen Ministry

Contact person: Pastor Frank Podolinski
Stephen Ministry equips lay people to provide confidential one-to-one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing physical, emotion and/or spiritual difficulties in their lives. *Training: 50 hours

Youth Ministry

Contact person(s): Kathy Wolfe and Rachel King
With all our fashion, we’re still incomplete. 
The God of redemption could break our routine. 
There’s a new way to be human; it’s nothing we’ve ever been. 
There’s a new way to be human; new way to be human.
song by Switchfoot “New Way to Be Human”Welcome to a place – Youth Ministry – where we celebrate that the words of God are in the mouths of young people! Right there, in their daily words and deeds, God’s life-giving love and God’s power for re-making the world are found. Jeremiah was a young person who thought he totally lacked the right qualifications and the necessary courage, but God propelled him, and filled him, for announcing a new reality and a new community.We have an amazing group of youth at Good Shepherd and just like Jeremiah, God propels these youth forward into their communities through band, sports, school, etc. to be examples of a modern day Christian, and we celebrate and support this through Youth Ministry.
If you are interested in joining our Youth Group, please select the button below to fill out our permission form.


Youth Group Permission Form