Christian Education and Sunday School

Chairperson: Joy Stynchula
Purpose: Help to organize education curriculum, oversee teachers and plan special events such as, Passover dinner, Agape Meal, Easter egg hunt, order supplies and materials and write article for monthly newsletter.


Chairperson: Bonnie Altman & Fran Ober
Purpose: Help plan and coordinate fellowship functions to celebrate Christian Fellowship within the congregation by providing a variety of activities and events for the church.


Chairperson: Andrea Cuda
Purpose: Oversee outreach visitation and witness programs within the church. Extend a welcome to visitors and new members. Attempt to re-establish contact with inactive members in an effort to restore them to voting membership. Oversee and arrange visitation also to prospective members and church community at large.


Chairperson: Susan Plummer
Purpose: Help to oversee the church’s finances, including preparing the yearly budget, estimating income and expenses, long-range planning and monitoring and advising on spending while working closely with the Stewardship Committee.


Chairperson: Shelley Cottrill
Purpose: Oversee personnel concerns within the church, including conducting evaluations of all church employees (except pastor) , conduct interviews for new employees as needed, take on special projects occasionally and confirm that all individual contracts are in proper order and signed.


Chairperson: Fran Ober
Purpose: Coordinate maintenance and physical care of the church, including indoor maintenance (plumbing, painting, carpentry etc.) and outdoor maintenance (general upkeep of the building’s exterior, painting, planting flowers etc.).

Public Relations

Chairperson: Open
Purpose: Help design flyers and signage for up-coming events of the church. Help write and list news advertisements and news releases for newspaper, cable television, and radio for ministry events that invite the public.


Chairperson: Andrew King
Purpose: Develop and maintain the Good Shepherd website. Provide access to all pertinent information, including newsletters, bulletins and sermons, to the congregation via technology.


Rocking Horse Preschool

Chairperson: Debbie Territ


Chairperson: Pastor Frank Podolinski
Purpose: Plan and carry out the every member response yearly stewardship campaign and provide year-round, monthly stewardship awareness via newsletter articles and in the bulletin.

Worship and Music

Chairperson: Greg Bittner
Purpose: Help to plan all worship services in regards to music, structure and flow. Assist in the planning of regular and special worship services. Assist in the planning and carrying out of special congregational events such as, Advent dinner, Lenten Soup and Sandwich suppers.

Sub-committee: Altar Guild
Chairperson: Open
Purpose: The Altar Guild at Good Shepherd consists of men, women as well as some husband-wife teams. The purpose of the altar guild is to prepare and beautify our chancel and altar for worship. Washing, drying and pressing of worship robes for acolytes, pastor, worship assistants and other altar servers. On a rotation basis with others to provide for three services weekly along with periodically for weddings, funerals or special worship services.